Architecture/ Engineering
From conceptual drawings to fully integrated plans, the Encanto Design and Construction Service Team (EDCS) has many years of experience delivering very well thought out plans with stunning curb appeal. EDCS prides itself on the forethought given to many details that affect how a home will perform much later, after an owner has taken the keys and moved in. When you work with the EDCS team you get 3 in-house architects led by Carlos Villanueva Sr. as well as the review, design, and verification process from developer Aaron Wesselink.
New Home and Condo Construction
The EDCS team has many years of perfecting the quality control aspect of delivering luxury homes on the beach at El Encanto de La Laguna. Over the years, the EDCS team has recruited some very skilled specialist that oversee areas such as plumbing, electrical, and audiovisual design to verify that we deliver to the high standards that we set for ourselves as Developers. The EDCS team works with some of the best contractors in Los Cabos that have proven over the years to be reliable and deliver the utmost of quality work from carpentry to stonework to windows and doors. Currently, the EDCS team employees 120 construction workers with a management / architecture team of 8 employees and owns its own machinery. One of the advantages of the EDCS team is that the same team that designs your project will oversee the high-quality finish and delivery of your home. Honesty, quality, fore-thought, attention to detail, and communication are all defining elements that the EDCS team will bring to your project.
Remodels and Updating
In addition to building from scratch, the EDCS team has done numerous projects that are simply taking an old design and improving to make a home or condo look much cleaner and up to date. EDCS has overseen the implementation of new window installations to new cabinets and counters to new backyards with stunning pools and landscape. There is no job that EDCS can not handle.
Project Management
From reviewing architectural design or managing construction to make sure that you as our client are being protected from mistakes or misappropriation of funds, the EDCS team is the perfect choice to help oversee your project. It is not uncommon to hear stories in Los Cabos of nightmare construction projects with contractors that don’t deliver quality and cut corners to save themselves money. Another common issue is that a contractor will over-promise on pricing to get a job and will end up not finishing the project when funds run out or simply find ways to steal from their clients. Let EDCS help keep your project running smooth, on time, and know about possible issues before they potentially become something irreversible.
Development Consultation
The EDCS team has years of figuring out what works and what does not in terms of real estate development and strategy and how best to go about getting certain aspects of the development process done. Our experience and expertise ranges from architecture and early design of the development to the sales and marketing strategies that may or may not work, to creating and managing desal plants , HOA structure and implementation, property management, accounting systems, maintenance, beach concessions, rental teams, furniture packages, and so on. We have many years of dealing with almost every aspect of the development process and we have ran teams and in some cases decided to outsource various teams. Let us take our experience and know-how to help give you guidance that will save you time and money.
Hurricane Protection Sales and Installations
EDCS is an approved supplier of a leading Miami Dade approved category 5 Hurricane protection system. From accordion doors to roll downs to fixed aluminum panels, EDCS can quote and provide the installation and service required to make sure your Los Cabos investment is fully secured. All products quoted come from Florida and are Miami Dade certified.